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Special encounters

Villa del Balbianello garden in Como lake in Italie - Unique Experiences / Luxury Hotels Consulting

Special encounters

Plaza Athénée, Paris: Backstage experience creates inspiration

During a Côté Client training for the housekeeping department, Isabelle met the chambermaid Yamina, who expressed her difficulty in speaking to the customer.

Language barriers, different social backgrounds … Yamina needed a few simple words to capture the client’s attention and to pass her message. Isabelle has made it a challenge. Thanks to Yamina the « linking words » became an essential element of the training Côté Client.

Moreover, Yamina and her colleagues have written with their own words the « housekeping DNA » which is today an integral part of the Côté Client training. The field is an inexhaustible source of inspiration!

Bessé Signature: Behind the birth of a brand and a new hotel group

To start with Unique Experiences ® has tied close links of trust which then turned into a real friendship with Anne Jousse – Owner, Bessé Signature – Hotels Collection: Edouard VII, Bel Ami, de Sers, de Vigny and Le Château de la Brestesche.

When she met Isabelle Coornaert, her desire was to develop the hotels as independent entities. Advice over the long term from one of the leading French women in the international hotel industry, led to clear results.

After completing the marketing audit, Isabelle Coornaert spurred:

KPMG: The field reference

Lady on the field for 25 years, Isabelle continues to be a reference, regularly consulted to give the field temperature and answer questions such as « Is tomorrow’s customer willing to buy this product, at what price and under what conditions?

Christian Laporte, President of HATCO and partner of KPMG continues to entrust Unique Experiences with consulting missions, due diligence, such as, just recently, the marketing plan of a luxury hotel in Morocco.

Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux & Spa: A long-term venture, from audit to attraction of new customers

Initially called in for an audit in marketing to optimize the results, Unique Experiences ® sets up an efficient sales organization. Isabelle Coornaert then met Yan Vacher, who wished to launch the hotel into the world of wine.

Isabelle, while restructuring the marketing plan, created the unique Wine Conciergerie concept based on her findings of the wine-tasters’ emotions. Today the hotel is the world’s only establishment to be referenced at American Express Centurion. It offers a unique experience of rare and essential wines in the heart of the most famous Grand Chateaux universe.

Based on the excellent results, the hotel management asked Unique Experiences the following year to set up the new Côté Client training for all employees, resulting in a significant increase in turnover.

The hotel’s performance of Leading Quality Assurance was measured before and after our training:

Kempinski Hotels: Customers and hoteliers around the same kitchen table

When Isabelle Coornaert meets Reto Wittwer – CEO, Kempinski Hotels 20 years later, he has asked her to optimize the hotel’s business in the MICE segment.

Instead of offering a traditional marketing service, Unique Experiences suggested the creation of an event at the Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse. Decision makers of the leading French travel agencies have been invited to share a unique moment with the Kempinski ‘s hotel directors from around the world, who flew in especially for this occasion. Immediate result: 3 incentive groups were confirmed for Istanbul

L’esprit Saint Germain, Paris: A real « firefighter service »

While offering support to the owner during construction of the new hotel, Isabelle Coornaert prepared the marketing strategy to launch the hotel opening and finds the name of the hotel: L’Esprit Saint Germain. At the time “L’Esprit” is indeed very trendy and “Saint Germain” allows optimization on the Internet and social networks.

The Bucher Family: 12 years of collaboration and friendship

Since 1918, the Bucher family lives in the Villa Serbelloni, their palace on the shores of Lake Como. For more than 12 years, Gianfranco Bucher has entrusted Luxury Hotels Consulting then Unique Experiences with the hotel’s business development and press relations on potential niche markets (Brazil….).

Unique Experiences ® has created unusual journeys, exciting unique experiences filled with magic: romantic getaways on board of a Riva to arrive in an old XVII century monastery housing unique art collections, namely the art Tang; in Villa Marguerita, where Verdi wrote La Traviata,in Villa Carlotta where Stendhal and Flaubert were hosted. Not to forget Villa Melzi, where Napoleon found a peaceful rest before heading to the battlefield.